(Music: Nolden / Lyrics: Steimel, Nolden)

Standing restless on the ocean side
Can not resist the call of the waves
The Norsemen have to start another ride
The perils of the sea will decide their fate

Far away in the Northern Arctic Sea
A stormy wind set the ship off course
The dragon longboat found its destiny
Ice-free woodland - hallowed ground

Sail to the horizon
Reach the shore
Glory for Odin!
Hear them roar
Take the fertile soil
Into your hand
The birth of a nation
All hail for Vinland!

Feeling warm sunlight on their skin
On the horizon their sails appear
They sailed through storm and many heavy winds
As they reached the coast of the unknown land

No other man should stand in their way
Listen to the sound of clashing steel
The Vikings are finally entering
Girding themselves for the battle


Take the fertile dirt into your hand
In the green valleys full of trees
Deer and goods for a settlement
Exploring the riches of this land 

Grab your shield, hold your axe and spear
New territory to be seized
Take what you want from the natives
Praise this gift, hallowed be Vinland!