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"Promo 2007" / "Birth of a Nation":
Blokner Online
(Czech Republic)

A German based band Bastard Nation, started its carrear in 2000 year. They work as a quartet formation, and till now released a 2 Demo issues, and also one Promo before the realization of actuelle full-length. Bastard Nation are on the field of heavy/power metal with clear epic and traditional metal elements. A strong influences comes out from the 80's period, and more from so call European then American school. "Birth Of A Nation" is a 10 track album, duration a little longer then 52 minutes, and I can say that band realistically has promoted own interesting spheres.

Historical and epic themes, and pretty coherent performings, characterize an album materials in general. One thing isn' t convinceble enough, and I think about productional work, which threathenings are little old-fashioned, and didn't communicate with nowadays standards. But, other technical and releasing details funkcionized as well, and followers of mentioned genre's form could be quite satisfied at last. Finally, I would mention in my opinion titles of 2 favourable tracks - "Kill The Lion" and "Vinland".

(7.5/10 points)

Music Extreme Webzine

Pure heavy metal with influences from the most classical bands of the style, such as Iron Maiden or Judas Priest is what this German band delivers on this album. Guitar riffs played with total heaviness are combined with epic melodies that turn each song into a memorable experience. And it is completely evident that this is a German band because of their sound that is definitely European. The band is really tight and that is evident on the technical rhythm section that delivers rhythmic patterns with good technical skills. The vocals are true metal with a shade of Udo Dirkschneider in some parts, fitting well the pure heavy metal spirit of the songs. The sound of the recording is direct and well mixed, making the guitars sound powerful and the drums sound thundering through all the recording. Pure metal from the land of best metal bands.

The Metal Observer

Traditional Heavy Metal is the métier of German BASTARD NATION and like several young bands these days they are breathing the air directly from the Eighties, with heavy influences by the likes of IRON MAIDEN, METALLICA, JUDAS PRIEST etc., which in combination with the fact that if someone played a song of the band to you, you probably will not recognize it as BASTARD NATION right away, leads to the age-old question, if we need another band that plays this sound.


If you are not a big fan of the style anyway, your answer will probably be a resounding “NO!”, but let’s not judge this book, ehm, CD, just by its cover or rather its influences. Founded in 2000, this is the first full album after two demos and while the production is not high gloss, it has the right roughness around the edges to lend authenticity to the ten songs of the album.


Opener “Point Of No Return” doesn’t leave any room for doubt as to who this quartet’s influences are, as IRON MAIDEN shine through right off the bat in the guitar melodies, even though the vocals are deeper and a bit rougher than the role models, adding a little ACCEPT in the riffing as well. Now if you think that this will relegate BASTARD NATION among the legions of copycats, you are wrong, quite wrong actually, because even though the influences are very obvious, they channel them into something entertaining and quite mature.


But that is not all the Heidelbergians have to offer, “Dark Reign” adds a brick and introduces some US-Metal into the mix, which adds a nice touch to the whole endeavour, keeping things fresh, same goes for the at times thrashy riffing of “Devil’s Daughter” or the more Teutonic sounding “Emperor’s Fate”, so the Germans definitely are not a one-trick pony. One song I definitely still have to mention is “Vinland”, with almost 8 minutes of epic Metal befitting the Viking lyrics, which works very well, too, not a single song appears to be filling material and all of them have one or more passages that really make me listen up, very nice.


So if this reads pretty positive so far, well, it is a really good album, no doubt about that. It is not the be-all end-all, as it is obvious that the guys still have a lot of work ahead of them, but as a first (full-length) step “Promo 2007” is more than remarkable and there are a lot less talented bands out there that managed to snatch a contract, lots of potential here!

(7.5/10 points)

Windows of the World

ドイツの正統派メタルBASTARD NATIONのデビューアルバム。 IRON MAIDEN直系のソリッドなギターリフと少し湿り気を帯びたメロディは80年代正統派ヘヴィメタルを彷彿させます。暑苦しい骨太のシンガーと熱いコーラス隊、熱いギターリフ、熱いリズム隊、勝利をこの手に掴み取れといっているような熱いジャケとB級正統派メタルのポイントをすべて押さえていますので、マニアの方には喜ばれる内容です。ミドルチューンながら結構熱い曲が多く#1、#2、#3、#10はお気に入りです。ただ曲展開が少し単調で、まだまだ煮え切らなくシンガーも少し不安定で荒削りな部分がみられますので、今後の成長に期待したいです。

(4/5 points)

Available (English language) reviews to our demo CD
"Born a Bastard":

Explosión Cerebral Webzine (Peru)

This is the second band that I delayed a lot the review. Well here is and again sorry for that. Well, talking about their music I must say that is a classic metal from the 80s with hints of thrash and heavy in an excellent way. Here the voice fix very well with the kind of music that they play. The opening track 'Another World' you will find the clear influence of metallica, but if you want to compare it them you will find some riffs of Accept and tempos of Iron Maiden. Bastard nation has all the fuel of teh 80s and more in the German way, powerful in all their compositions and tracks. i hope that they no play more soft or use any ballad, is not necessary in Bastard Nation. Viist and learn more abou them.

The Metal Observer

Even if they use the name of an OVERKILL-Song („W.F.O.“, 1994), the Heavy Metal quintet BASTARD NATION from Heidelberg has little in common with the Thrash kings from New York. The 4-track demo “Born A Bastard” is way more traditional than the stuff from the veterans from America’s east coast.


The main influences are ACCEPT, METALLICA and IRON MAIDEN and you hear that immediately when you play the opener “Another World”. The German newcomer doesn’t match up with the sound of the originals, though, but with fast and melodic riffs they are on the right track. “Hit Man” made it even to the top in the metal-charts at! As a simple rocker with a lot of headbang-potential it deserved that, alright, but one could have worked more on this song. Especially Timo Noldens singing is often too weak. For that he has to work much harder on his performance if he wants to keep up with Udo Dirkschneider, James Hetfield (in the 80s of course!) and Bruce Dickinson.


“Emperor’s Fate” suffers from the average singing as well, even when there are a few parts where he does his job much better. Musically definitely an ingenious, varied, partly progressive, but nevertheless fast number. The finishing “Code Black” offers war-sounds for a change, but the first 1 ½ minutes are too boring. But once the intro is over this song unfolds its existing potential. When Timo starts working on his vocal performance this one will become the new number one on!


For a demo one can keep it the way it is. For the first or second league of True Metal BASTARD NATION aren’t ready yet. But they are on the right way. (6.5/10 points)