March Or Die
(Music: Nolden / Lyrics: Lieske, Nolden)

He tried to flee from the past
So he joined the foreign legion
Disembarked to no man’s land
He went through hell on earth

Stand, fight – no mercy will be shown
We must hold at all costs
This ruin in holy desert sand
As long as we can breathe

Legionnaire – March or die
You ain’t got nothing to lose
Legionnaire – Fight ‘til death
Not for pride and not for glory

Aim and fire, reload your rifle fast
You have to kill with each shot
This assailing horde must be stopped
Hundreds of enemies as far as the eye can see

Hounded through the desert plains
Merciless, the sun burned on his skin
One hundred soldiers left the fort
The half of them died on the march

With only a bunch of men
He holds the line – back-to-back
Killed in a crossfire – in a strange land
In loneliness the legionnaire died