Kill The Lion
(Music: Nolden, Lieske / Lyrics: Nolden)

For many centuries
Men with different sets of belief
They lived together in peace
But a religious war came
Without any qualms
They started to destroy
The Kingdom of Heaven

Out of nowhere they came to lay claim to our land
Conquered and devastated, got our people under their command
Regard themselves as nobleman, but let us nail this lie
They will show no mercy, when you hear their battle cry

From the West
Across the sea
They brought us pain and misery
Led by the cross
And greed of gain
Taking the name of thy God in vain
Barbarian pack
Wounded our pride
The greatest evil - far and wide
We'll let you pay
For all your sins
We'll fight you back, coz - who dares wins!

Kill the Lion
Kill the King
Let our anger be tenfold
Scream it out, don't hold your tongue
This slogan must be told 

Kill the Lion
Kill the King
A sight to behold
Free the land, no more suffering
Joint forces will be bold


We treated you with respect, but scorn was our reward
Religion ain’t based on hatred, is that the will of God?
Your Ten Commandments – start to read and learn
Tried our patience too many times – now the tables will turn