Hit Man
(Music: Lieske, Nolden / Lyrics: Nolden)

Right now
You better run
ĎCoz hunting seasonís just begun
You can not hide or flee
In every hiding place Iíll get thee

Calling me
ďThe Angel of DoomĒ
Plunged into darkness I hide from the light of the moon
Donít take it to your heart
I just have to do my job

Too late
Iíve got you
Thereís really nothing you can do
Iíve watched every move you made
Making use of your fatal mistake

The smell of death
This is the time for your final breath
Feeling the adrenalin rush
My finger on the trigger Ė say goodbye!

Killing is my business
And I know how to kill with style
Loving the thrill of the chase
You can kiss your ass goodbye

Nowhere to run
No place to hide
Breathing down your neck
No chance to survive