Black Fleet
(Music: Nolden / Lyrics: Klösel)

Run, run, run, run, hide
Here comes the “Devil’s Bride”
Floating to the open sea
Flotsam of your destiny
With taut sails ´gainst the strongest blow
Many, many years ago
Now it’s just a misty vision
Or the truth, it´s your decision

But it’s coming over you
Your fears you cannot hide
Evocation of the evil
Fear and fright

Black fleet on a white sea
It’s getting nearer, getting faster
Black fleet on a white sea
A never-ending nightmare of disaster

Pale moon is shining on the shore
Everyone’s nightmare comes once more
A deep bell rings throughout the night
Here comes the “Devil’s Bride”
The Lighthouse saw it first
Approaching with a Vampire’s thirst
Floating to the bay
Bringing darkness and decay