Devil's Daughter
(Music: Gabriel, Nolden / Lyrics: Lieske, Nolden)

Can you see the light Ė a lightning in the dark
Can you feel the painful overture?
Now itís Ö time to feel Ė just what you did to me
Your deadly breath on my neck - I canít endure

All you are is pain
Play your deceitful game

So, you are my slaughter
You are the devilís daughter
The deuce is the one who brought her
My curse, the devilís daughter

It is Ö over now Ė this love is dead and gone
It was an evil dream Ė to be with you
Now itísÖ time to see Ė just what you did to me
Raping my soul is all that you do

You rule with pain
In your evil reign

But itís not over now
I swear I will return
Iíll cry for revenge