Code Black
(Music: Lieske / Lyrics: Lieske, Nolden)

Here we are in Century number 21
Mankind has not learned from the past
The end it has – just begun

Maniacs and evil betrayers
Fooling the masses for might
Slaying millions
Those little men with perverted minds

Leading us to total war, don’t know what we’re killing for
Preparing the masses to fight
Evil toys of destruction
Code Red, first strike in sight

Welcome to the Stone Age
One step forward, two hundred steps back
Nuclear destruction
After all – Code black
Planet Earth’s now bleeding
After the first attack
It’s a total war construction
After all – Code black

Thunder, blood is raining
The first lines are smashed away
Firing without mercy
Left alone in war and pain
Raging fires everywhere, smell burning flesh in the air
We die for your evil game
Never satisfied
Code Red, Armageddon in sight

As the trumpets fell silent at the fields of war
And the enemies retreated, no longer willing to fight